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Business Development

Market & Product Research

Make informed decisions and find the sweet spot in the market

UX Research & Design 

Understand customer's needs and the most effective UX

Digital Product Development

Turn your software into a market-ready product

Product Monetization

Implement the best strategies to monetize your services

Talent Management

Digital Marketing

Virtual Talent Acquisition

Find and hire a virtual team that you can count on

ERP Systems 

Document project progress and optimize team efficiency

Organic User Acquisition

Discover, measure and optimize how you gain users organically

Sponsored User Acquisition

Design, measure and optimize sponsored marketing channels

BI & Analytics

Stay up to date with insights and opportunities for improvement


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Social Media & Digital Marketing

Required Experience:

At least one of:

Social media, Sales, Copywriting, Digital Marketing

Software Development & Data Analytics

Required Experience:

Mobile app development or at least one general purpose programming language

UI/UX Design & Product Development

Required Experience:

Mobile app UX/UI or similar, copywriting or creative writing

Business & Strategy Development

Required Experience:

At least one of:

Data science, engineering, business administration, statistics, digital marketing, ERP



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A/B Testing

A/B Testing

BI & Analytics


Operations & Lean

Scalability & Architecture



Strategy Development

Product Development



Our Principles


We are a research team, and our mission is to empower every person on the planet to become part of the modern informational world - by leveraging one-to-one mentor relationships that emphasizes optimum value exchange and accelerated personal and technical development. Our mission is grounded in both the problems of the world in which we live and the future we strive to create. Today, technology is spread all over the world. Billions of people, however, are still excluded from the most valuable online resources, which could not be immediately available to them for linguistic, cultural, technical or institutional barriers. We strive for driving a transformation across our partnerships that is designed for the collective growth across our clients.

We are based in Rochester, NY, and are dedicated to fulfilling our mission of giving every person in the world the opportunity to be part of an inclusive non-institutional research society.
Our partners receive personal guidance from the very first stages, and are provided with all the resources and expert advice they need from our professional team members and our partners' network. They are then assigned to a project based on their expertise and interests.

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